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Learn to give pleasure
with your hands 


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The art of sensual massage

This is a site of pleasure. The award winning massage books and videos here take you every step of the way through a complete body massage and convey a sense of what the experience actually feels like. With these massage strokes, friends will find a new way to relax and share sensuality. And lovers will discover a true aphrodisiac that ignites desire like nothing else on earth. You’ll find health tips too and focused relaxation techniques for relieving stress on every page. Sensual massage is easy to learn; you can start tonight.

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Massage Bill of Rights

You have the right to:

• remain silent and to expect the same from your masseur

• refuse phone calls or other disruptions

• uninterrupted pleasure throughout a massage

• walk out if the massage is unpleasant

• direct the massage, requesting specific strokes and timings if you so desire

• be warm and comfortable

• choose the music, if you’re in the mood for music

• be alone afterwards

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