Super Massage

Super Massage

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A popular Book-of-the-Month selection, this massage book for the digital age, features focused techniques for every part of the body. For those who don’t wish to learn a complete body massage, this book shows how to direct waves of pleasure to virtually any part of the body.

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Lavishly illustrated with the award-winning photography that has made Gordon Inkeles the world’s best selling massage author, Super Massage also features exquisite anatomical illustrations by Sigga Bjornsson. The book is a joy to browse and is written with the same blend of knowledge, humor and warmth that made The Art of Sensual Massage so popular.

Acclaim for Super Massage:

“A real treat.” —CNN NEWSNIGHT

“New master of stress control…Inkeles also provides a well-illustrated how-to technique for a 10-minute erotic massage.” —THE OAKLAND TRIBUNE

"Fun, slightly sexy, and a quick answer to body aches, muscle pains and stress.” —THE CONTRA COSTA TIMES