Books by Gordon Inkeles

  • The Art of Sensual Massage

  • Sensual Massage for Couples (originally, The New Massage)

  • Massage for a Peaceful Pregnancy (originally Massage and Peaceful Pregnancy)

  • Super Massage

  • The New Sensual Massage

  • Sensual Massage Made Simple

  • Ergonomic Living with Claire Iris Schencke

Films by Gordon Inkeles

  • The Art of Sensual Massage

  • Classic Stars of Bellydance (originally, Gameel Gamal, Oh, Beautiful Dancer

  • Sensual Massage Made Simple (originally, The New Massage)

  • Sensual Massage Master Strokes

About the Author

Gordon Inkeles' bestselling books have become standard reference works on massage throughout the world. His work has been translated into ten languages and reprinted more than eighty times. His book The Art of Sensual Massage has sold over one million copies.

His first film/video The Art of Sensual Massage played to SRO crowds at The Cannes Film Festival. His recent Sensual Massage Made Simple, won awards at four international film festivals. Nationally known as a college lecturer and leader of massage workshops, his work has been featured on CNN and in Playboy, Playgirl, Cosmopolitan, New York, Redbook, Newsweek, The Wall St. Journal and Men’s Life.