Sensual Massage Made Simple

Sensual Massage Made Simple

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ISBN-13: 978-0-9748535-6-7

This new book combines the highest quality photography of any massage book on the market with an absolutely unforgettable massage experience. All the techniques work as promised; every page focuses on pleasure and relaxation. Sensual Massage Made Simple is a sensual feast.

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Sensual Massage Made Simple is a groundbreaking massage book: easy-to-use, with proven techniques that are sensual, and fun. Such an innovative romantic gift makes an irresistible romantic gift. It offers a drugless relaxation program that anyone can learn at home.

  • Easy-to-learn full body massage program

  • Matching anatomical art, precisely keyed to photos

  • Proven program gets you started massaging tonight

  • Beautifully designed and photographed, an ideal romantic gift