The New Sensual Massage

The New Sensual Massage

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Offering the ultimate massage experience, the world's most comprehensive massage book has been revised and updated with page after page of gorgeous color and many text changes. The message to the reader: take this book home and do a sensual massage tonight.

At the heart of the book is an unforgettable massage experience with strokes customized for every part of the body from head to toes. If Inkeles’ previous books were appetizers, introductions to the pleasures of massage, this all-new work is meant to be a banquet, a sensual feast. After twenty years of study and hands-on experience, he has selected the massage strokes that everyone loves best. Every page of The New Sensual Massage is filled with the most delicious sensual pleasures. Written in a reassuring and intimate tone, lavishly illustrated--in both black and white and color--and beautifully designed, this essential guide will have you massaging in a single evening.

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Over two million people discovered the joy of easy relaxation and sensuality in The Art of Sensual Massage and Sensual Massage for Couples. Now Gordon Inkeles, author of the books that started the massage revolution, offers the ultimate massage experience. Learning massage has never been easier and more pleasurable. 

This is the massage book you'd want on your pillow when you wake up on Christmas-or any other morning!