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Contact Arcata Arts    Please ask for Lecture Bookings: Tel: 707 826 2002  Email: contact@arcata-arts.com  Mail: P.O. Box 800 Bayside, CA 95524 USA

Contact Arcata Arts

Please ask for Lecture Bookings:
Tel: 707 826 2002

Email: contact@arcata-arts.com

P.O. Box 800
Bayside, CA 95524 USA

Lectures with Gordon Inkeles

Gordon Inkeles’ best selling books have met with tremendous response, especially in college communities. His books have been translated into ten languages and been reprinted more than fifty times. In college courses and growth centers throughout the world these books have become standard reference works on massage.

Gordon Inkeles also created a fascinating documentary called The Art of Sensual Massage which won awards at five international film festivals. This is the film that played to standing-room only crowds for three consecutive days at the Cannes Film Festival. The Art of Sensual Massage presents people with a universal truth and the message is joy, communion and peace. The film forms the first part of a three hour lecture demonstration on massage that has fascinated college audiences all over the country and now includes two new videos: Sensual Massage Made Simple and Sensual Massage Master Strokes.

Lecture program

Introduction and screening of The Art of Sensual Massage. (48 minutes, color, original score).

This film was selected by CINE (Council on International Nontheatric Events), a United States government film agency, to represent the United States in international film festivals and won six more awards at International Film Festivals. It was screened to SRO crowds at The Cannes Film Festival.

A lecture, question and answer and discussion period.

A simple massage demonstration and body philosophy talk. Gordon Inkeles will demonstrate basic techniques for the head, hands and feet and will deal with specific problems like headache cures, muscle fatigue, and nervous tension. Special techniques are featured for stress control, athletics, pregnancy and relaxation.

Gordon Inkeles’ lecture-demonstration introduces students to the easy-to-learn art of massage and the satisfying world of professional massage.

What University people say about Gordon Inkeles’ lectures

“We would just like to write to tell you how much Gordon Inkeles’ film, lecture and demonstration were enjoyed by the many that attended. Mr. Inkeles’ presentation and delivery was of remarkable quality. We believe that the Art of Massage is going to be really popular with college audiences. After a three-day weekend and on a day without a college newspaper, Mr. Inkeles drew approximately 450 to our ballroom and his intimate soft approach on his demonstration afterwards was viewed by approximately 100 people crammed into our Pacifica room. A sincere thanks and appreciation for the great presentation.

California State University, San Jose

“We wish to express our deep satisfaction with Gordon Inkeles’ presentation “The Art of Massage.” This program has been one of the most rewarding events we have sponsored at Cal Poly this year. Our student participation and reaction was quite phenomenal. We sincerely hope that his program will be sponsored by other colleges and universities. I felt that it does much to correct the confusion between touching and sex in America. If we had more programs like this, I believe we would have fewer problems.

–California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

“Mr. Inkeles’ humanistic treatment of this often misunderstood subject generated tremendous enthusiasm from the audience. His delicate film, “Massage,” set the groundwork for the ensuing discussion and demonstration. Mr. Inkeles carried the program. His manner was both sensitive and witty, and his thorough presentation left us all with a bright new perspective on a previously meddled art. We look forward to experiencing “The Art of Massage” again.”

Johns Hopkins University, Maryland

“I would just like to tell you how delighted I and those who attended the lecture demonstration were with Gordon Inkeles. This program was by far the most sensitive and warm presentation we have brought to Davis. While Gordon’s presentation could be described as well put together, smooth, polished and other terms such as these, I feel quite strongly that it is the warmth and intimacy of the man and his medium, which made the thing so successful. The Silo, where we did the program, is essentially a big, empty barn, but add incense, Gordon’s incredible music and his good vibes and the Silo, a rather bleak and utilitarian setting, was transformed into the perfect place for such a lovely experience. An evening with Gordon is a truly unique and intrinsically valuable experience.”

University of California Davis

“I can’t begin to tell you how impressed and delighted the audience was with Gordon Inkeles. Of all the programs that have been at our college, none has been praised like Gordon’s Art of Massage…We hope to have him back soon! Our thanks to you for a fantastic and beautiful evening.”

–Canãda College, California

“Fantastic! In a word I believe that says what we felt over Gordon Inkeles’ film on the “Art of Massage” and his lecture-demonstration that followed. The film was in my estimation a tastefully done, well planned piece of video art. Gordon’s approach to and handling of the subject matter, with its “other,” often mistaken impressions of what he’s all about, is commendable, at least.”

Bemidji State College, Minnesota

“Although there seemed to be little interest in massage on our campus we were overwhelmed by the number of students (and non-students) that attended. Even with very little advertising and several competitive events on campus that night, over 500 attended Mr. Inkeles’ lecture and film presentation.

Mr. Inkeles film is superb, nobody left their seats for the entire performance and I’ve rarely seen as much audience participation in the lecture and question period that followed.

We are sure to ask him back next semester, for everyone was disappointed when it was time to end.”

State University of New York Buffalo

“I would like to tell you how pleased we were with Mr. Gordon Inkeles and his lecture. We feel that because of the high turnout of students for the lecture, his was one of the most successful programs we have sponsored.”

Virginia Commonwealth University

“Gordon Inkeles’ lecture, film and demonstration were fantastic. Mr. Inkeles has great rapport with his audience, possesses a keen wit, and he is one of the true experts in the art. Mr. Inkeles gave of himself greatly for the lecture. He started off with a quite witty and perceptive introduction, narrated an educational and tasteful film, answered questions from the audience, and demonstrated different massage techniques for those interested. The film, narration and demonstration lasted three hours and were simply fantastic. Thank you for a truly fine lecture.”

Humboldt State University

“An overwhelming success…to be quite honest, we were a bit skeptical about the program’s appeal on our predominantly commuter campus. Often times it is difficult to arouse student interest at Oakland, but this was definitely an exception. Surprisingly, the response was overwhelming. We had a standing room only audience and that was truly gratifying. Gordon’s ability to discuss in detail this potentially sensitive and controversial topic without making people feel embarrassed or inhibited was really outstanding. Everyone felt at ease and confident with Gordon–he’s just that kind of person.”

Oakland University, Michigan

“As you probably realize, I was a little apprehensive about presenting Gordon Inkeles and “The Art of Massage” on our campus. I’m very satisfied that I did because both the student body and the surrounding community were enthusiastic about the program and the manner in which it was presented. Gordon’s film, “Massage,” is still receiving accolades from those who had the opportunity to see it.”

Florida Atlantic University

The massage program was an invaluable professional guide and, without a doubt, the most relevant presentation we have had this year.

California School of Podiatry